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About me

Plaingraph Design is a graphic design studio run by me:

Niccolò Albani

Graphic Designer | Visual Designer | Communications

Graphic Designer Consultant, Data Visualization and Infographics designer for International organizations and companies with 15 years experience I've been working in the humanitarian context for the last 4 years within the United Nation system.

I design visual content and graphics for both digital and print, online and offline products, websites, web applications, web-based communications materials, motion graphics, infographics, maps, charts and other graphic elements for data visualization and all kind of communication products.
Creative, inspired and honest hard worker, professional and trustworthy, I do love my job. I was born in Rome where I live and work liaising with other professional on national and international projects, interested in work experiences abroad. I’m a visual thinker, young enough to be skilled and confident with computer softwares and digital life but old enough to remember what design was before computers and also what “old school” graphic design is. I’m passionate about anything that’s creative and artistic, love to draw and paint, am passionate about hand made graphic design, posters and typography. I design and create illustrations, paintings and mixed media artworks.